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Due to a severe water shortage, private bathrooms are outlawed. Everyone must pay the crippling fees to use public amenities run by a monopolistic corporation. Those who cannot pay get dragged off to Urinetown, a mysterious place from which they never return. Finally, one public amenity manager leads the people in rebellion with the help of his true love, the daughter of the corporation's greedy president.

The Characters: 

Officer Lockstock- (Baritone/Bass) The anchor/narrator of the story. A murderously tough cop with a soft spot for Little Sally.

Little Sally- (mezzo/alto) A poor little girl. Observant and unintentionally witty. Officer Lockstock's sidekick, sometimes helps him to narrate the show.

Bobby Strong- (tenor/high baritone)The assistant custodian at the poorest, filthiest urinal in town. Our hero. Honest and charismatic, like a James Dean character.

Caldwell B. Cladwell- (baritone) President and owner of "Urine Good Company." Our villain, cunning and smooth.

Hope Cladwell- (soprano) Cladwell's daughter; she's new in town. Young and innocent, captivating and beautiful, like a Grace Kelly character

Penelope Pennywise- (mezzo/soprano) The practical headstrong and ruthless head custodian at public amenity #9. 

Officer Barrel- (tenor/baritone) Lockstock's giddily bloodthirsty sidekick.

Mr. McQueen- (tenor/baritone) Cladwell's right-hand man.

Senator Fipp- (tenor/baritone) A public servant, also in Cladwell's pocket.

Mrs. Millennium- (chorus singing) A "Urine Good Company" executive.

Old Man Strong- (chorus singing) A poor man, Bobby's father, also known as Joseph Strong.

Josephine Strong- (mezzo/alto) A poor woman, Bobby's mother, also known as Old Ma Strong

Soupy Sue- (chorus singing) one of the poor rebels

Little Becky Two-Shoes- (alto) A little crazy and likes to hurt people, pregnant. One of the poor/rebels. 

Hot Blades Harry- (baritone) Also a crazy person who likes to hurt others. One of the poorest rebels, Becky's counterpart

Tiny Tom- (chorus singing) One of the poor rebels

Robby the Stockfish- (chorus singing) One of the poor rebels 

Ensemble: (chorus singing and dancing)
Additional Rebel Poor
UGC Executives


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